Roleplay Guidelines

Cumberland Community Roleplay Guidelines for Creating Roleplay

last updated 5/16/2016


While roleplay is not required in Cumberland City, it is strongly encouraged and is the standard practice county-wide. The following roleplay guidelines and rules are presented for the purpose of providing reasonable and relatively realistic boundaries that will facilitate fair and fun play for all residents. Second Life Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards are incorporated by reference and shall operate in tandem with the forthcoming. See; community standards.


In Character Chats (Cumberland City IC Chat):

IC Roleplay chat is made for all IC roleplay and it’s range applies throughout all of the sims. It is open for all types of roleplay with the exception of the prohibitions and limitations outlined within these guidelines and rules. Roleplay within the IC Chat can also include phone calls to friends and family.

The purpose of IC group chat is for playing and developing your character and for introducing any particular storyline involving your character. When in IC group chat, you are allowed to play your character true to his or her temperament, attitude, and behaviors; such as if your character has a “colorful” way of speaking you may use that colorful language when playing your character in the chat.

Frequently there are multiple roleplays going on at once in the IC chat. We request that everyone is respectful of each other during this occurrence by proceeding on a turn by turn basis and allow the one you are speaking to the chance to respond before posting again to the chat.

There is to be no OOC chat in IC chat. You will be warned by a chat moderator if it occurs and be asked to bring the OOC chat to the estate chat. If it continues to occur your IC chat privileges can and will be restricted, suspended, and revoked if need be. Roleplaying in the Community just like everything else is a privileged, Please do not ruin it for others and act appropriately.

Metagaming is prohibited when roleplaying in Cumberland City OOC Chat and in the IC chat. For instance, a comment made by an uninvolved party about an IC post would be considered metagaming by the uninvolved party because the information was not obtained through in character involvement in that roleplay. Example: *a post comes from a character using colorful language* you post: /me takes a sip of my tea, “god I thought this was suppose to be a Community roleplay sim”. ** This is metagaming. Please do not do that.

Calling 911/Emergency Services Roleplay

City limits of Cumberland include: Cherry Falls Township (Capital of Cumberland City); Huntington Valley Township(Downtown), Cape York Township(Downtown), Sutton Place Township(Downtown), Cheshire Grin Township(Downtown), Lakeside Falls Township(Downtown), Oak Forest Township; Spring Morning Township; Laura Village Township; Summer Romance Township; Valhalla Cliffs Township; Liberty City Township; Liberty City Township; Taenga Bay Township; Angel Cove Township; Cape Jaffa Township; Castaway Bay Hope County Township; Cumberland Park Township; Paisley Park Township; Meadow Gardens Township. To call 911 in Cumberland, please use Cumberland City IC chat.

Here in Cumberland City, we have police, fire, ems and an amazing hospital. Any roleplay that requires activating the Cumberland City emergency services shall begin by asking in the Cumberland City Chat if there is anyone online for the department you wish to role play with. Once you have found out if there is anyone online you may dial 911 in the IC Role play chat group.

OOC chat is for out of character communication where we may all speak with each other in a friendly and family-oriented environment. Colorful language, including disparaging or belittling remarks made toward others, will not be tolerated. Keep in mind there are children in the community and we want to respect them as such. OOC is for communication for the whole.
-Any adult content or adult themed conversation (including strategically couched inuendos) are prohibited. Persisting in this behavior after the first warning will result in having your chat rights revoked for one (1) week.
-911 calls will not be answered in OOC chat.
-Roleplaying will not be considered valid in OOC chat.
-Please remain respectful.
-Any arguments or altercations are not allowed
-Calling for a manager in OOC chat is allowed and accepted.


No sexual conduct with minor or child avatars. You will be immediately banned from the estate and reported to Linden Lab. This is not tolerated in any shape or form whatsoever!

No sexual conduct or nudity in common areas.
*Meaning, only your home are you allowed to be nude or permitted to sexual conduct in local, provided the privacy is turned on in your particular parcel.* Proven Incidents will have your right in the community removed.

Violation of your neighbors’ privacy will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to walking in to their home, using their items without permission and spying (camming) them.

Griefing of any fashion is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to harassing other residents, the use of scripted grief tools, the rezzing of objects to purposefully obstruct public areas or altering access or ban lists that are not relative to your home parcel.
Roleplay that involves anything sexual, death, rape, dismemberment, maiming, bodily injury or disfigurement must be agreed with all parties before the roleplay is to begin. Keep in mind, the sims are moderate, so any sexual act in public visually, text writing, or by voice is strictly prohibited by Second Life Terms of Service and would require your immediate removal and report to Second Life. You may roleplay any such sexual roleplay in private or conference messages as these are not public arenas. Sexual, death, rape, dismemberment, maiming, bodily injury, or disfigurement acts towards children directly, or implied whether or not it actually happened in roleplay in public, private, or any other form is NOT allowed and will be grounds for removal from Cumberland City and ToS ageplay AR filed against you.
No Meta Gaming:
In role-playing games, metagaming is an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character’s in-game experiences and backstory. Historically, metagaming in RPGs referred to the traditional military use of metagaming where players applied out-of-game information to gain an unfair advantage in a game, most commonly by reading actions done in IC without being part of the scene.

No Power Gaming:
A player can be described as a power gamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don’t want to engage in. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes his character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along — such as having a fight or a sexual encounter, or doing an action without complete knowledge, Not giving the attempt to react to prevent is considered to be powergaming.


Community roleplay within Cumberland City will only be considered valid if consent has been obtained between the players involved in a particular roleplay. Failure to obtain consent from a party may subject that particular roleplay event to being voided. Obtaining consent can be accomplished simply by sending an IM to the other party to confirm that he or she does in fact wish to participate or conversely, IM the person attempting to engage you and decline participation.

Furthermore, all residents and business owners have the option of posting the roleplay sign out front of his or her property. This sign gives three options to display: “Roleplay, No Roleplay, Permission to Roleplay.” The sign also functions as a notecard giver so that a notecard containing any and all limits that the resident or business owner might have, may be given out on touch.

With regard to driving on our roads, be advised that by driving you automatically consent to any roleplay involving the police. If you don’t want to roleplay with the police, do not drive. This also applies to any vehicle that may be operated on the waterways. If you do not wish to RP with the Coast Guard, do not operate a boat.

Moreover, if you engage in any conduct that is against any IC law or any OOC law contained within the Cumberland City Covenant, you are automatically consenting to roleplay with the police. Again, if you do not wish to roleplay with the police, then do not break any IC law or OOC law contained within the covenant.


Respect the sim; if you set out prims for a particular roleplay, please pick up your prims and put away your toys before you leave or log off.

Respect the admins and managers; Listen, speak politely and comply.

Respect others; Allow players to immerse themselves in the environment and their roleplay.

Roleplay justification does not exempt anyone from rules concerning abuse, intolerance, assault, harassment, indecency, disruption, defamation, disclosure and other rules as set forth in Second Life’s Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards (CS).


PLEASE NOTE: An evidence kit with all sorts of full perm goodies is available upon request as is a full perm “I was here” RP Information box in which objects and notecards detailing your crime or serving as evidence may be placed and left for property owners to fine.

With respect to emergency services roleplay and staging crimes, the following guidelines must be followed:

Prior to the start of any such roleplay involving police, fire or medical and emergency medical services it must be determined whether there are active members of the particular service desired are available to participate in the roleplay. You can discern this by asking in Cumberland City OOC chat or if your incident will be staged in Cumberland, messaging Traci Gassner, Police Chief or the Fire Chief.

Large Scale Crimes or Events:

While a large scale event or crimes is by no means required to be scripted, it is still necessary to obtain the consent of all involved in the roleplay. A large scale event is defined as any event that has the potential to affect the whole community or would reasonably involve intricate planning and detail, including but are not limited to bank robberies, bombing, hostages, government hacking, government building fires. Additionally, any event that has the potential to affect the whole community must be approved following the procedure below as well. A large scale event is also defined as any role play that would involve a mass casualty scenario, acts of terror, or any major scene that would require more than three police officers, firefighters or EMTs.

Consent may be obtained through the following procedure:

To obtain consent:
If your incident will be staged in Cumberland, message Traci Gassner.

Once permission is obtained a meeting must be scheduled between all the players (bad guys, witnesses, and the like); department head(s) and the Emergency Services Commissioner(s) to discuss a time and date for the roleplay.

Also note: At this point in time, any fires that a roleplayer may wish to include in his or her roleplay must be started by either the ERO Commissioner, the Fire Chief or the Deputy Fire Chief. No exceptions.

Small Scale Crimes:

Small scale crimes and acts of theft from a home, robbery of a store (e.g., the cafe), stolen car, tagging a building, etc are not needing consent, but must be roleplayed out completely with notice given to the owner of the damaged or stolen property.

Introducing the IC Crime or Event
A introduction to the roleplay must be posted in IC chat in order to start the roleplay. All actions must be roleplayed out in the IC chat. You may then choose to continue roleplaying in IC chat if you wish others to happen upon the scene and risk being caught or you can continue in local chat.

**A notecard of the full roleplay must be dropped into the “I was here” OOC RP Info Box and given to the Police Chief.**


Scripted weapons are allowed if they do not manipulate or affect the target. In other words, they can fire and make a sound, but they are not allowed to do any damage, push avatars, or grief them in any way. The outcome is role played out.

You may use any gadgets that are not griefing tools and serve a purpose in law enforcement or related roleplay.

Possession of weapons/firearms on one’s person is permitted IC’ly as long as they are kept concealed. Permission must be obtained from an owner/RP moderator to use the weapon/firearm in RP and as long as the RPer understands that IC use of the gun/weapon will be illegal under IC law and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Any use of the weapon/firearm that is not germane to a current roleplay or that is used outside of roleplay may be subject to OOC discipline and warning.


Driver’s License Requirement:

This is both an IC and OOC rule – All residents must apply for and receive their driver’s license within the first two weeks of moving in;

As of October 1, 2015; all Cumberland Cityresidents MUST obtain a driver’s license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you opt to drive your vehicle you are agreeing to role-play while driving. You can be subject to random traffic stops, accidents and vehicle related role-play.

Learner’s Permit given to those who are 15 and a half. Probationary License give to those of at least age 16. Operator License given to those who are at least 18. Commerical Driver’s Licenses given to those who are at least 21.

Learner’s Permit Can be issued once age requirement is met. This allows the holder to drive with someone over the age of 18 in the vehicle.

Probationary License Given to any minor under the age of 18 in lieu of an Operator’s License. May be revoked by a High School principal, or parent of the minor. Must pass standard written test. A uniformed police officer must also pass the student on a driver’s test.

Operator’s License Given to those over the age of 18. Must pass standard Driver’s Test given by the DMV, as well as, a driver’s test given by a unformed police officer.

Children may not drive toy motor vehicles on the roads, They may drive power vehicles such as “Power wheels toys” on the sidewalks. If found in the roads, the child’s parent will be contacted to come get their child. If the vehicle is left abandoned, it will be returned.

Motorcycles and mopeds are allowed but you will need a license.