Cumberland City Covenant, 9/9/2016

Welcome to Cumberland City! Cumberland City is a coastal role play community in Maine. We are pleased to have you join our community. Cumberland prides itself on being inclusive, open minded and able to enhance itself based on the sum of its people and not overly managed. With that said there are housekeeping rules in the form of this Covenant.

Second Life Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards are of course a part of the over all Covenant of any RP community.

See; community standards.


  1. Should you need immediate support for an emergency (griefers) please ask for a manager in group chat.
  2. If you call for a manager in the estate chat, please be patient. If you do not receive an answer within a few minutes, consider the silence as there being no manager available at that moment and please file a support ticket.
  3. Managers are not required to be online 24/7 as we all have real life jobs/school schedules.
  4. Sim owner and managers are not required to be on the clock in City of Cumberland the entire time they are logged on. If you contact a manager or the sim owner and get their busy response please do not be offended. We have families and friends just like everyone else and are entitled to spend time with them as well. Please use the support ticket system.
  5. All support tickets are seen within 24 hours of being submitted (most times sooner 2-12 hours).
  6. Support tickets are completed within 24-48 hours generally. If there is a delay you will be notified. Delays are rare.


Out Of Character Chat ( Cumberland City Chat):

OOC chat is for out of character communication where we may all speak with each other in a friendly and family-oriented environment. Colorful language, including disparaging or belittling remarks made toward others, will not be tolerated. Keep in mind there are children in the community and we want to respect them as such. Any adult content or adult themed conversation (including strategically angled innuendos) are prohibited. Persisting in this behavior after the first warning will result in having your chat rights revoked for one (1) week.

Please use this chat group to call for a manager when assistance is needed.


  1. No sexual conduct with minor or child avatars. Ageplay is also forbidden. Anyone found to be engaged in or even “rumored” to be involved in any of the above will be immediately banned from the estate and reported to Linden Labs.
  2. No sexual conduct or nudity in common areas. Any such activity must take place in the privacy of your own home, outside of the eye-shot and ear-shot of passer-bys. You may contact a manager to have your privacy function enabled on your parcel.
  3. Violation of your neighbors’ privacy will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to walking into their home, using their items without permission and spying (camming) them. Depending on the gravity of the situation, consequences could result in an estate ban.
  4. Griefing of any fashion is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to harassing other residents, the use of scripted grief tools, the rezzing of objects to purposefully obstruct public areas or altering access or ban lists that are not your home parcel. Griefers will be banned on sight. Cumberland City has an aggressive policy against Griefing – ALL incidents will be Abuse Reported to Linden Labs.
  5. Memory usage greater than 11,000KB for business vendors is prohibited.


(Note: Houseboats are considered houses and are subject to the residential rules and regulations)
Your Parcel:
  1. Prim and Lag Management
    • Your Casper Rental Box will count prims for you. You may use the box to request a prim update and current prim counts. It will report to the management when you go over. If you go over on your prims, we reserve the right to automatically up your prim limit thus raising your rental costs to bring you into compliance. You may request your original amount back once you’re in prim compliance with your allotted amount.
    • Please make sure that when you rez items you do not rez them outside of your property line. Any items outside of property lines will be returned – this also includes any items rezzed outside of sim lines.
    • If another resident places prims down in your lot, you must add them to your box as a sub tenant. If they are not, we will add them for you. This is to ensure your prim count is properly accounted for and not returned during a prim sweep.
      • Vehicles
        • All vehicles must be parked in your inventory, driveway or garage while not in use.
        • If you have a home with no driveway or garage your vehicle must be parked in your inventory when not in use.
        • Vehicles with motors(scripts) that cannot be shut down after use must be parked in your inventory or they will be returned.
  2. Privacy
    • Privacy screens and the like are not permitted. Fences are permitted in some areas but cannot be more than five meters high – please see local covenants for more specific information. Please request manager assistance to have the privacy function turned on for your parcel.
    • Security systems/orbs are not permitted. Please use your parcel ban and add rights. Contact a manager in the Cumberland City chat to request assistance with griefers.
    • Skyboxes are permitted but must be rezzed at minimum height of 1000 meters. Any builds below 1000 meters will be returned immediately. Stay within your parcel lines please.
  3. Using Your Own Home
    • Residents may use a home that he or she owns if home swaps are allowed in that sim; however, the resident must seek approval to ensure that the style of the home fits the theme and layout of the sim, even if the home is already on the “approved homes” list found on our website. Management reserves the right to ask that a non-approved home be taken down and replaced.
    • Prim allowances are provided for resident-owned homes. Please see local covenants for more specific information.
    • Sim owners also reserve the right to request that the color or texture of the exterior of a home be changed so that it may comport with sim style and theme.
    • Homes will be proportionate in size to the sim/parcel on which it is to sit in addition to the style/theme. You must leave at least three (3) meters space between the house and the property line.
    • Town homes, boat houses and shops/business buildings cannot be swapped.
  4. Using a Sim-Owned House
    • Inquiries and requests for house swaps and/or adjustments to the amount of prims rented MUST be put in via a support ticket PRIOR TO renting. We may or may not be able to adjust prims for that lot or swap a house to the one you’re wanting as some parcels do not allow home swaps or prim adjustments.
    • Home swaps of a sim owned house are limited to one per month and will require an advance payment of three (3) weeks rent. Cumberland City will not provide a credit while waiting for house swaps. Please see the local covenant for each town for more specific information.
    • If you need to change the colors of your walls please submit a support ticket at Please rez a prim block and color it your desired color then set to full perms and leave for sale for L$0. Our painters will then buy it and grab the color code to apply to the wall. Please be advised that we do not apply textures to walls, we only tint them.
  5. Landscaping
    • Landscaping is to be kept in good taste and look realistic, e.g., trees do not glow.
    • Landscaping above what is already done on your parcel that is requested be done by the sim will count against your prims.
    • We will not drastically alter the sim’s terrain to fit a house that is not approved for that lot. Meaning, we will not remove our beaches or waterways, our pre-placed landscaping or shove a home that does not leave sufficient amount of space between property lines on to any parcel. If you have a home with a basement it cannot and will not be allowed on a plot that does not have a terrain level of 29 meters or higher.
  6. Tenants
    • The main renter (the person who initially rented the home) will need to approve any changes to the home, parcel, meter, prim changes, and additional tenants. We will not under any circumstance make any changes without the primary renter’s approval via an IM message.
    • As the main renter you are responsible for any people you add to your additional tenants list. Please keep this in mind when adding people because you can be liable for their actions.
    • Only add immediate family that live in your home. People not living with you do not need a group tag. People found doing this can be evicted.
  7. Alterations
    • The main renter of the home (the person who initially rented the home) must be the one to submit the support ticket for any changes requested to the parcel or the home. The main renter may designate someone within the household (a person on the rental box) to act as his or her agent if they cannot be inworld. We will not under any circumstance make any changes without the primary renter’s approval via an IM message or without the primary renter having designated someone to act on his or her behalf in the support ticket.
    • Alterations and additions to the exterior townhomes/brownstones and boat houses are not allowed.


  1. You may not swap out rental building or use your own.
  2. Meters for business only allow the main renter. Should you need a business partner added please submit a support ticket.
  3. Items such as notecard givers and group inviters must not extend outside of your shop area. They will be returned if they do.
  4. All business owners are entitled to a tag to send notices. You may send one notice per day. If you do not receive the role please contact a manager or submit a support ticket.
  5. Commercial businesses are not allowed in residential homes unless are a nonprofit (you do not receive payment of any form from residents) and do not detract from the overall residential look of the parcel.
  6. A commercial business for which its primary purpose is roleplay or is roleplay based may qualify for a reduced commercial rental rate – please inquire with the sim owner.
  7. Boat slips only allow one renter.
  8. When not driving your boat please dock it. Any boats left in open waters will be returned.


There is a general ‘no refunds’ policy. Refunds may be issued in extreme circumstances at the discretion of the owner of Cumberland City only.

Your parcel will be reclaimed if you abandon it. What is abandonment? If you pick up your home/items and the property has been left empty for at least two days, regardless of whether or not you have indicated if you won’t renew or not on your meter, the parcel will be reclaimed by the town.

If you indicated that you WILL NOT renew and cleared your prims from the parcel, this is considered abandonment and will be reclaimed regardless how much time is left on the tier meter. The remainder rent will be donated to Cumberland City for resources.

Please pay your tier on time. If you need extra time to pay your tier, we allow once a month for you to request an extension. File a ticket at to request it. We will extend your tier up to one week. However, after rent is paid, we will debit from your box the days owed.

If we do not have an arrangement and your tier is not paid by the time it goes OVERDUE the system will automatically return ALL OF your objects and eject you and your additional tenants from the group. We are not liable for lost items which are returned for your failure to pay your bill.

If you are planning on being away from sl for some time and do not want to lose your home please plan accordingly and pay your rent ahead.

If you disable reminders on your rent box you will not receive notice from it that your tier is coming close to being due or that is has gone overdue. We will not message you to remind you so please consider this when disabling them. You can click your meter at any time and select time left to see how much time you have left.

Cumberland City management may ban anyone from Cumberland for violation of the Cumberland City covenant,or if the individual becomes a grave risk to the safety and security of Cumberland City. All bans will be logged and may be appealed to the owner(s) of Cumberland. The owner of Cumberland City may ban anyone with or without refund at their discretion for any reason.


Cumberland City is a roleplay community. Therefore, you should expect to be subject to roleplay anywhere in the sim, especially in common areas such as streets, parks, and public buildings. Please see the “Guidelines for Creating Community Roleplay” for roleplay rules and guidelines.


Below you will find the schedule for our seasons here in Cumberland City. With season changes come terrain and landscaping changes that reflect the season. Some sims may transition earlier or later depending on if they are in the North or South of the community.

Winter: December 1st- February 28th
Spring: March 1st- May 31st
Summer: June 1st- September 30th
Fall: September 1st- November 30th


Below are current real time up to date available listings generated automatically just for you located in Cumberland City.

Covenant also applies to Homestead Estates in Cumberland Hills


Residential: the residential rates are L$2.3 per prim.

Huntington Valley and Sutton Place rates are 2.1 Residential

Commercial – Commercial rate is L$2.5 per prim for profit businesses. Non for profit roleplay businesses, the discounted rate will be L$2.1 per prim. Please submit a support ticket after your rental to have your non for profit discount rate applied.

Boathouses – Rental rate is L$3 a prim. You must file a ticket to have boathouses approved or they will be returned.

Prim allowance

Up to 250 prim allowance on lots 1499 prims and under.
Up to 300 prim allowance on lots 1500 and above.

You will be given up to the allowance. Meaning you will only receive the allowance for the house. Example, if your home is only 100 prims, you will only get 100 prims.

Fences: Fences may not be added, removed, or replaced in Summer Romance, Oak Forest, Liberty City, Cape York, Huntington Valley and Valhalla Cliffs townships. In Laura Village and Spring Morning, you may have a fence no taller than 2 and a half meters in front of your house and no taller than 5 meters between lots. We do not provide fence prims but will provide the fences. Thus, fences you or we place, will count against your general overall paid prim count. Gates must swing inwards of property to avoid going into sidewalk or roadways.