Civil Services

Cumberland Police Department

Cumberland Police Department is looking for a few GOOD Men or Women who want to join our Great PD. We are now Recruiting Police Officers & Dispatchers and K9 Officers.  Prior experience isn’t necessary; we start everyone at Cadet and provide all of the training you will need.  We have flexible schedules to fit your SL time. So stop by Police Department Office or Employment Agency and put in your application today.

Commissioner of Police: Traci Gassner-Angel
Chief of Police / Deputy ERO Commissioner: Skittles Gassner-Angel
Deputy Chief of Police:  Star ‘Skipper’ Grimm
Sheriff: Ken Raine

Visit the Cumberland Police Station in-world!

Cumberland City Hall

The Cumberland City Hall is being overhauled and will be available at a later date.

Cumberland DMV

The DMV provides everything you need to drive and work in Cumberland. Everything is done online with the exception of photos, which are done after your application is processed.  Applications are typically processed within 24 to 48 hours, and are available in the menu above, under Applications.

Please keep in mind that driving in Cumberland is considered an in-character roleplaying activity.  You are held to the laws of Cumberland and the State of Maine for all driving activities.  By order of Traci Gassner, Cumberland’s owner, no person is exempt from this rule. Speed limits, unless posted, are 25mph.  Traffic enforcement has the right to pull you over and ticket you.  Out-of-Character non-compliance with these rules will result in possible revocation of your permission to drive in Cumberland.

As the license is part of an in-character experience, please try to keep your Drivers Licnese information as realistic as possible.  Please put your roleplay name as the first and last names, and approximate your realistic height and weight.

Visit the Cumberland Department of Motor Vehicles in-world!

Cumberland Employment Agency

Are you looking for a job? Do you need assistance with completing an application? Are you an employer looking for employees? Do you find it hard to find good workers?

Then this is the place for you!

Visit the Cumberland Employment Agency in-world!